Welcome to my little part of the web. The story of this blog started when I realized that I have a lot of opinions on many things, but I lack a medium to do so. So in 2013 I created this blog. Shorty afterwards, I’ve run out of things to say.

The big change came after I wrote the post about Competitive programming. I started solving challenges all around the web and it quickly became the main topic of this blog. From time to time, I express my opinion on other things.

And what about me? I wrote my first program at a really young age. I was too lazy to generate DnD characters by hand, so I created a PASCAL program to do that for me. Since then, I never stopped.

I have a tendency to move to a different city every couple of years. Currently, I live the famed digital nomad lifestyle (technically I am an overlanding nomad).

You can also find me on LinkedIn.