HackerRank 'Between Two Sets' Solution

Martin Kysel · May 16, 2019

Short Problem Definition:

You will be given two arrays of integers and asked to determine all integers that satisfy the following two conditions:

  1. The elements of the first array are all factors of the integer being considered
  2. The integer being considered is a factor of all elements of the second array

Between Two Sets


time complexity is O(A\* (N+M))

space complexity is O(1)


This challenge could also be solved using the Greatest Common Divisor. Given that the range of values is only [1,100], it is safe to assume that the naive solution will terminate within the time limit.


import sys

def isValid(a, b, candidate):
    for a_ele in a:
        if candidate % a_ele != 0:
            return False
    for b_ele in b:
        if b_ele % candidate != 0:
            return False
    return True

n,m = raw_input().strip().split(' ')
n,m = [int(n),int(m)]
a = map(int,raw_input().strip().split(' '))
b = map(int,raw_input().strip().split(' '))

cnt = 0
for candidate in xrange(max(a), min(b)+1):
    if isValid(a, b, candidate):
        cnt += 1

print cnt

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