HackerRank 'Chocolate Feast' Solution

Martin Kysel · March 4, 2015

Short Problem Definition:

Little Bob loves chocolates, and goes to a store with $N in his pocket. The price of each chocolate is $C. The store offers a discount: for every M wrappers he gives to the store, he gets one chocolate for free. How many chocolates does Bob get to eat?

Chocolate Feast


time complexity is O(N)

space complexity is O(1)


Evaluate the number of wraps after each step. Do this until you have enough wraps to buy new chocolates.

If someone knows how to solve this in O(1) with a mathematical formula, let me know!

int eatenChocolades(int availableCash, int price, int wrapperDiscount){
    int eaten = 0;
    int wraps = 0;
    wraps = eaten = availableCash/price;
    while (wraps >= wrapperDiscount){
        int newlyEaten = wraps/wrapperDiscount;
        eaten += newlyEaten;
        wraps %= wrapperDiscount;
        wraps += newlyEaten;
    return eaten;
def chocolateFeast(availableCash, price, wrapperDiscount):
    eaten = availableCash // price
    wraps = eaten

    while wraps >= wrapperDiscount:
        newlyEaten = wraps // wrapperDiscount
        eaten += newlyEaten
        wraps = wraps % wrapperDiscount + newlyEaten

    return eaten

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