HackerRank 'Sherlock and Valid String' Solution

Martin Kysel · February 23, 2016

Short Problem Definition:

Sherlock considers a string to be valid if all characters of the string appear the same number of times. It is also valid if he can remove just 1 character at 1 index in the string, and the remaining characters will occur the same number of times. Given a string , determine if it is valid. If so, return YES, otherwise return NO.

Sherlock and Valid String


time complexity is O(N)

space complexity is O(1)


The logic of the solution is as follows: count the character counts for each character.

  • if they are all equal - it means that all characters occur exactly N times and there is no removal needed
  • if 2 or more have less or more characters - there is no way to fix the string in just 1 removal
  • if exactly 1 char has a different count than all other characters - remove this char completely and S is fixed.

EDIT 2020: HR added some extra test cases and the solution no longer worked. I updated it to pass all the cases including a secret “aabbbccc” case that HR is not testing for.

def isValid(S):
    char_map = Counter(S)
    char_occurence_map = Counter(char_map.values())

    if len(char_occurence_map) == 1:
        return True
    if len(char_occurence_map) == 2:
        k1, k2 = char_occurence_map.keys()
        v1, v2 = char_occurence_map.values()

        # there is exactly 1 extra symbol and it can be deleted
        if (k1 == 1 and v1 == 1) or (k2 == 1 and v2 == 1):
            return True

        # the is exactly 1 symbol that occurs an extra 1 time
        if (k1 == k2+1 and v1 == 1) or (k2 == k1+1 and v2 == 1):
            return True
    return False

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