Migration of MartinKysel.com to Jekyll

Martin Kysel · February 24, 2023

I am happy to announce that the page has been migrated from Wordpress to Jekyll and Github pages.

The Benefits of Jekyll

There are several benefits to this migration: 1) Faster load times: Jekyll generates static pages, which means that there is no need to query a database or run server-side scripts to serve up content. This has resulted in much faster page load times and a better user experience for you, the readers. 2) Improved security: As Jekyll doesn’t require a database or server-side scripting, there is less potential for security vulnerabilities, which makes my life much easier. 3) Simpler design: Jekyll is based on templates, which has hopefully resulted in a more consistent and visually appealing design. This should make it easier for readers to navigate the site and find the information they are looking for. 4) Easier updates: Jekyll makes it easier to update the content on a website since it separates content from presentation.

Overall, the migration to Jekyll has resulted in a faster, more secure, and more user-friendly website, which should improve the overall experience for readers of martinkysel.com.

No More Ads!

I hope that the decision to remove ads from this blog will be a positive move for everyone involved. For readers, the absence of ads can result in a more enjoyable reading experience, free from distractions and slow loading times caused by ad content. Maybe this improved experience can encourage readers to spend more time on the site, engaging with content and potentially sharing it with others.

If you still wanna buy me a coffee, you can click the sponsorship button on GitHub!

The ads sucked anyway…

Simplified Looks

Simpler pages are typically easier to navigate because they present information in a clear and concise manner, with fewer distractions or unnecessary elements. When a page is cluttered or overly complex, users may struggle to find the information they are looking for, leading to frustration and potentially causing them to leave the site. The WordPress site was an old mess of fully of crappy elements from 2015.

By contrast, simpler pages tend to have a clear visual hierarchy that makes it easier for users to scan and locate the information they need. This was achieved through the use of white space, consistent typography, and clear navigation menus that now guide users to the most important content.

And man, this page really needed to be simplified!

Ability to File Issues

If you see a bug in any of the pages, just head over to Github and file an issue. I am happy to incorporate any and all feedback.


If anything broke, please let me know! Either in the Disqus system or on GitHub.

Where to Learn More?

You can read more about the migration in my post From Ugly to Beautiful: The Transformation of Martinkysel.com.

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