Posting Schedule Sprint/Summer 2019

Martin Kysel · May 5, 2019

This page has 85 HackerRank Tasks posted as of May 2019. After looking over my HR profile, I noticed that I had solved a total of 200 Tasks there. In other words, I have not posted the majority of them :)

I have also run out of Tasks marked as Easy. I still have around 60 Medium ones that need solving.

It is unlikely, that I can just clean all of that up in a single session. I have therefore created a posting rhythm that should allow me to get all that code up here within a reasonable time frame.

I will be posting five posts every week until the end of September. Four of those will be Tasks that I have solved in the past, and only minor cleanups are required. Additionally, I will be posting one new Medium or harder Task every week.

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